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Allgäu coffee

The beans are gently and carefully roasted in the traditional drum roasting process for our „Allgäuer Kaffee“. This is the only way to unfold the optimal aroma of our alpine coffee.

Sous-vide method

Many of our dishes are made using the sous-vide method. Sous vide describes the method of cooking meat, fish or vegetables at low temperatures less than 100 °C.

Homebrewed beer

We have our own microbrewery and brew handmade bavarian beer. They are unfiltrated, thats the only way how all the good ingredients stay in the beer.

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Salt to season the dishes

In the kitchen we only use natural, untreated salt (not refined) and sea salt for seasoning on the tables. 

Italian tomatoes

Our tomato soup and sauces are homemade from real Italian "Mutti" tomatoes.

Spices and herbs

Only herbs and spices are used in the making and refinement of our dishes. No flavour enhancers or artificial aromas. 

Kitchen without microwave

Enjoy high quality food that is not exposed to microwave treatment, only cooked gently. 

Spelt flour

Our spaetzle, burger buns and pizza are only made from 100% spelt flour.

GIE® water activator

What can GIE® water do? The complex treatment turns the usual drinking water into a biological high quality water.

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